Rooftops and Poems with Fish Vargas


¿Que paso, gente? Been busy promoting this show and putting fliers in people’s hands, how is everyone? I hope you’ve been enjoying the videos, this video series is very special to my heart cause meeting and spending time with each poeta has been a truly incredible experience. Today I interviewed Maya Chinchilla and we had a blast in my living room talking about how both the theatre world and the poetry wold have collided with both our careers. I’ve interviewed poets in their homes, recording studios, my house, parks, the street, and the entry of a school, it has been an adventure and there’s more to come! Hey, check this out, for our show tomorrow Magnet is all prepared and ready and is letting the world know Photo Apr 08, 9 13 04 AM(1)This video though, is an interview we did with Fish Vargas, an incredible man and poet who took us to the rooftop of a building in Berkeley to do the interview and we have to say, it is honestly one of the best interviews we got. The stuff was so good and funny that my editor and I had trouble editing it down to make it short enough for a youtube video. After the festival we hope to get all these interviews up, fully, all of it, the bulk of them and all of their poems as well on the website, but for now, what you see is what you get, a little sneak peek of Fish Vargas, reading a poem he has never read before!

WATCH! And please share!

for more Fish and the rest of the crew, you got to, got to make it out tomorrow April 12th, to Magnet 4122 18th Street, in the Castro! 7:30 FREE!



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