Our Second night, we get deep and rock the mic!


Hi everyone, been busy back to back with work, planning gigs, getting ready for gigs and rehearsal, to post about last Saturday. I finally got a little change to catch my breath, and I am still walking on Latino Sunshine from how incredibly well our show went!Baruch infront The second installment of this three day festival, ¿DONDE ESTA MI GENTE? at Magnet in the Castro, was packed, the poetas were on fire, they delved deep, made us laugh and cry, and we could not have hoped for a better night.

We are so grateful to Magnet. I have to take a moment and talk about how special they are. I’ve been going to Magnet for a long time, not just cause I’m a gay man that needs a free clinic to make sure I’m up to date on everything and taking care of myself, but because they are a center for community art and performance. Magnet is where I have met a lot of my artist friends, Kirk Read, Larry-bob, Philip Huang, the sexy boys from Orchid and Hound. I’m so grateful that Magnet opened up their space for an event like this, and made space for  a show that focused on all types of Latinos. From the get go, they were excited about us, especially the handsome Jared Hemming, who was helpful every step of the way. The Crowd April 12th 2014

We filled all the seats pretty fast. People just kept coming in and coming in, at point in the show I had to ask folks to squeeze in and move to the other side of the clinic, the show was packed! So happy and grateful for that. We had 7 poets on the line up, and each one gave so much. Even my father read a poem. My father and my mother are both writers. Growing up, they were the first poets I met, and the first people to influence me artistically. My father had not read a poem at a mic, since, I guess, the 70s, but I talked him into reading his new poem and he said it was a great experience. The Host Baruuuuch april 2014

I brought coffee from Peet’s Coffee, who were generous enough to donate some coffee to our show! Showing that the Castro Peet’s supports their Latino community, coffee and poetry go very well together!

Gabriel Cortez did a sacrificial poem, and got the night started. Then Estela de la Cruz performed, followed by Dylan Amaro Mcintyre, Maya Chinchilla, Kay Nilsson did a special guest piece, Leo Bryant, Fish Vargas, then Jaime Cortez and we ended the night with the legendary Avotcja. This set of pictures were taken by Carrie Gocker, our graphic designer.

DEMg April 12th Estela DEMG 12th Gabriel Cortez KayNilsson DEMG 2014 at Magnet DemG april 12th my dad, and me. Dylan Amarao April 12th DEMG Estela de la CRuz at Magnet 2014 My father Jose Porras at DEMG 2014DemG Leo Bryant April 12th, 2014

Blythe Baldwin, cohost of The San Francisco Queer Open Mic was in the audience and took these sweet pics!

Avotcja! April 12thThe Host, Program Director, Writer of Poems.Maya DEMG 2014Jaime Cortez April 12th, 2014Leo BryantDylan DEMG April 12, 2014

We are so grateful to everyone that came, and everyone that donated at the show which helped us pay the poets for their work. Pay your poets, people!

We cannot wait for this Saturday, come join us for the final installment of ¿DONDE ESTA MI GENTE?! Which will be at Galería de la Raza, April 19th, 7:30pm, 15 dollars online to reserve a seat, 10 to 20 sliding scale at the door.

To buy your tickets now, click here!



Sneak Peek! With Estela de la Cruz!


Tonight is the night folks, come to the show at Magnet in the Castro, it starts at 7:30, doors open at 7, I think, the show is FREE, what more could you ask for? Want a little sneak peek? Check out this video, our next installment of the video series, with Estela de la Cruz, who will be joining us tonight at the show! Each poet that we have interviewed has touched our hearts, Estela’s work is unique and on fire, we were super happy to interview her and inspired by her story, and she’s pretty badass. Check it out, see you tonight, share with all your friends.

Rooftops and Poems with Fish Vargas


¿Que paso, gente? Been busy promoting this show and putting fliers in people’s hands, how is everyone? I hope you’ve been enjoying the videos, this video series is very special to my heart cause meeting and spending time with each poeta has been a truly incredible experience. Today I interviewed Maya Chinchilla and we had a blast in my living room talking about how both the theatre world and the poetry wold have collided with both our careers. I’ve interviewed poets in their homes, recording studios, my house, parks, the street, and the entry of a school, it has been an adventure and there’s more to come! Hey, check this out, for our show tomorrow Magnet is all prepared and ready and is letting the world know Photo Apr 08, 9 13 04 AM(1)This video though, is an interview we did with Fish Vargas, an incredible man and poet who took us to the rooftop of a building in Berkeley to do the interview and we have to say, it is honestly one of the best interviews we got. The stuff was so good and funny that my editor and I had trouble editing it down to make it short enough for a youtube video. After the festival we hope to get all these interviews up, fully, all of it, the bulk of them and all of their poems as well on the website, but for now, what you see is what you get, a little sneak peek of Fish Vargas, reading a poem he has never read before!

WATCH! And please share!

for more Fish and the rest of the crew, you got to, got to make it out tomorrow April 12th, to Magnet 4122 18th Street, in the Castro! 7:30 FREE!


In the Studio with Avotcja!(Avacha)

When I met Avotjca I was at one of the Lunadas, the Lunada Literary Lounge hosted by Sandra García Rivera at Galería de la Raza and she blew me away. Her really cool looking and sounding name is pronounced Avacha, and she is originally from New York, but has lived in California a long time.

She performed one piece and it was magical, I could tell she was a pro right away and instantly I knew I had to meet her and ask her to be a part of the festival. Right away we got a long and began talking about her literary and music performance series La Palabra Musical, now at Cafe Leila in Berkeley, 1724 San Pablo Avenue, her radio shows and all the great work she’s done in the community and I knew she was going to be a great addition to the festival.

This Saturday, Galería de la Raza presents ¿Donde esta mi Gente? at Magnet in the Castro.7:30pm FREE, cheeeeeeeeeeck it out! And please share Avotcja’s Video!

Bad Squirrels and Good Hustle, with JAIME CORTEZ

Hey everyone, we’re still walking on Latino sunshine from how well the event went last Saturday, thank you for helping us make it happen. Now we gotta make this Saturday just as big of a success! Go to our Facebook invite, we had to make a new one, and click join, join on in on the fun.


And make sure to share with all your friends. And we mean all of them. The festival is focused on Latino writers but we want our shows to inspire unity, last Saturday we were so incredibly happy to see a very diverse crowd, black folks, white folks, asian folks, latinos, queers, of all shapes and sizes were in the audience enjoying the poetry. We were so thankful.

So don’t forget folks Saturday April 12th! At Magnet, starts at 7:30pm FREE!

Now check out this awesome video, an interview with one of the readers of the show on Saturday Jaime Cortez!

And check out Denise Benavides! She performed last Saturday but we weren’t able to get her video up because our computer is old and cranky and kept crashing. But check out the video!!




Our First Night Full of Love, Passion, and Poesia!


The show tonight was packed! Packed! I’ve never seen Books Inc full of so many people! The performances were fantastic! I am so grateful! I am so thankful to each writer, the Bookstore staff, especially their event coordinator who worked so hard to make us feel welcome, and honestly gave me probably one of the best introductions I’ve ever had in my career, wow! Thank you to everyone that came out! To Galería de la Raza, to Bob Guter, and everyone that made tonight a success! Check out some fotoso from el Show!

20140405_191718Right when we got there the bookstore was ready! they were so thoughtful and patient and had the mic and chairs ready, aaaand they had bottle of water for us! I was so busy and frantic I don’t even know if I was able to get the bottle to all the writers.

When I got there, people were already there waiting for the show to start. I handed the program to everybody and made sure to keep one for later.

The bookstore had our back, look how prepared they were with the books pertaining to the writers!

20140405_191936I had the pleasure of hosting the show with the incredible Sandra García Rivera, who hosts and curates the Lunada Literary Lounge at Galería de la Raza. She was so much fun to work with. Without her and Galería, this event would have never happened. She did something very important that night, she reminded that we had to pay homage, respects, and take a moment to name all the poets that have done literary events like this in San Francisco in the past. She did, she named a long list and it was incredible to find out some of them were in the audience, what an honor.


She bookstore kept getting fuller and fuller, I was afraid we were going to get in trouble. 20140405_194053

Harold Terezón20140405_194842

Denise Benavides


Very very honored to have had Alejandro Murguía the poet laureate of San Francisco be a feature at the show. His performance was incredible.

20140405_200443Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano



Christina Perez20140405_203157

Lito Sandoval, Harold Terezón, and Baruch Porras-Hernandez




DON’T MISS next week’s part two of ¿Donde Esta Mi Gente? At Magnet on 18th in the Castro! 7:30pm FREE!



New Video! And see you tonight! April 5th

Hey everyone, tonight is the night!

Don’t miss the reading at Books Inc. In the Castro, on Market Street!

April 5th Books Inc. 2275 Market Street.
7:30pm Free

with readings/recitations from
Alejandro Murguía
Sandra García Rivera
Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano
Denise Benavides
Lito Sandoval
Harold Terezón

hosted by Baruch Porras-Hernandez and Sandra García Rivera!

Also, check out or newest video installment, an interview with Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano!



see you tonight, Gente!




First chapter of our video series!

Buenos dias! Ready for the fist installment of video interviews with the participating artists for ¿Donde Esta Mi Gente? Our first writer is very special to me, to the community, to writing students everywhere, she is a Writerscorps teaching artists, organizer, singer, and on top of that poeta. Check out Sandra García Rivera, and don’t miss the reading this Saturday at Books Inc!